Project Management

IT8 can to help and support companies in the main aspects of project management. Interim Project Management & Engineering (Programm Managers, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Engineers), in following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management

IT8 commits herself to supply highly qualified people, in which competence, immunity to stress, flexibility, linguistic skills, communicative strength, a critical and creative mind are the cornerstones. Exactly the qualities your executive and/or decision making people need. With our knowledge of 4 languages (English, Spanish, German, and French) we offer you in addition a surplus value in the relation with your foreign internal or external customer. On site support: Our experts support you with their years of experience and flexibility in the commissioning and optimisation of production plants worldwide.

Mechanical Installation

  • Floor marking, new and reused lines.
  • Mechanical Installation.
  • Pneumatical Installation.
  • Fixtures tryout.

Electrical Installation

  • Cable tray installation.
  • Wiring installation.
  • Profibus, Interbus, Devicenet installation.
  • Comisioning.

Measuring services

We offer the next measuring services on site:

  • Measuring, adjustment and verification and recertification of production tooling, fixtures, grippers.
  • Floor marking foundation layouts.
  • Measuring devices:
Laser Tracker (Measurement of large dimensions)

  • 3D measuring arms

Health And Safety Supervisor

  • Health and Safety Risk assesment documentation.
  • Risk documentation and working plans.
  • On site Safety supervisor.
  • Management of Safety documentation.

Buy-Off Manager

  • Checking of lines capacities according OEM specifications.
  • Fixtures tryout documentation.
  • Dimensional fixtures capacity.
  • Cycle time checking.
  • Snag lists, Ergostudies, Safety checks.
  • Instalations certificates.
  • After Sales management.
Knowledge of 4 languajes (english, spanish, German and french), costumer comunication in their own lenguaje.