Electrical Engineering

IT8 is a Company able to perform the corresponding electrical design to any automation Project. Once performed the installation mechanical design we are able to prepare the hardware diagrams and the bill of materials for the Project, as well as the supervision of the electrical cabinets construction and the supervision of the electrical installation on site of all the planned devices. We have a team of high qualified technicians and engineers with proven experience in the field of the industrial automation.

We are specialized in the most commonly used software for electrical computer-aided design as EPLAN from version 5.40 to P8 or Autocad.

Robot Programming

IT8 is specialist in industrial robot programming. We have extensive experience in different sectors of the Industry, specially Automotive, and on different applications as welding spot, MIG/MAG welding, laser welding, sealing application, palletizing, manipulation, control positioning using artificial vision, etc.

KUKA KrC1, KrC2, KrC4, COMAU C3G, COMAU C5G, Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Motoman, and other branches are what we use normally in our projects.

PLC Programming

In IT8 we make the design of the software for the automation of the processes in industrial installations by the use of the Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs. Starting from the mechanical and electrical designs, we perform the programs that will control the installation, and after the design, we proceed with the installation commissioning until the handover to the end customer.

With a high qualified team, with years of proven experience in the field of Industrial Automation, IT8 is used to work with most of the common branches used nowadays, as for example AB – Rockwell Automation or SIEMENS. We are able to work with the Standards of our customers, or develop new Standards if required.

Our team commission every element and device involved in the process automation, as fieldbus networks, operator panels (HMI), PLCs, motor inverters, artificial vision, tag readers, sealing application controllers, welding controllers.

Training PLC / Robot

In IT8 we have training programs for both PLC and Robot, tailored to the Customer needs. We have programs and technicians highly prepared that can boost the knowledge and the use of the automatic machines for production operators or maintenance technicians.

The adaption to our Customer needs is 100% and the result is in more efficient production – maintenance tasks.

We can provide with the following Trainings:

- Training for Robot KUKA KRC2 - User
- Training for Robot KUKA KRC4 – User
- Training for PLC Contrologix – User
- Training for PLC Guardlogix – User